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This is a story, a dreamy girl wound its way through a routine way, found that she lost themselves, lost in the busy all day long, but can see the future of unusual days, the fantasy factor in experience instantaneous germination when the earthquake such a disaster. What is life? She ask yourself, is followed the rules of the world the scheduled so don't ask, don't go on the last die, don't go with a grain of sand, or, you can find a point what? Go your own way, to see how wide can go. Came to yunnan, may be a lot of her fate, she was named "guoguo", at first glance, a little unknown so, just let it be, a grain of sand, low-key nature, do a small courtyard, in his thoughts, become attached to all friends. People across the yard can also guest also friends, early in the morning drink a bowl of vegetable soup, eat a little pickle, and offer for a walk, climb a mountain, or "drive" two wheelers huanhai swim, also can let oneself master drive round to the view view, listen to the wind, back in the evening with mountain spring boiled in a pot of tea, talk about "affair", about the geography humanities. Earthly love can be so simple and casual, depending on whether you want to let oneself so relax at the appropriate time, the yard is a small courtyard, but she is also a small garden, a once love fantasy girl fashioned heart home!

Hotel Adress:
Under the ancient city of Dali City People's Road, Fuan Sec

Hotel Reservation Telephone:
0872-2474048 (CouponCode:) (Busy or no answer, online booking please!)

Hotel Front Desk Telephone:
0086872-2474048 (Catering, conference,sauna,entertainment, Invoice, traffic)

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